Life in the Review Mirror

I’ve been a slacker, I know.

My blog is withering on the vine, neglected and unnurtured.

Oh, not that I’ve had nothing to say, mind you. But what I’ve had to say has been dark and twisty, and I’m still trying to get a handle on that. It’s also been crazy busy around my parts and when I get overwhelmed, I kind of just shut down.

But today’s a new day, right?

I’ve had about a million blog posts written in my mind, and then it all vaporizes in the busyness of life. So this is me, looking in the review mirror and remembering the past few months. Yikes. Months, plural. Seriously, I’m happy to be clawing my way out of this hole!

In early May, Alex, along with a heckuva lotta students at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga walked across the stage at McKenzie Arena and graduated. I would love to tell you that I didn’t listen to Pomp and Circumstance and not need a tissue… but that would be a giant lie—that song gets to me every dang time. There was my first born, graduating in four years! How could he be graduating since we just moved him into his dorm yesterday!? {And the day before that, took him to his first day of Kindergarden!?} We went from emotional to interested to kind of distracted {thank you iPhone for making the interminably long ceremonies bearable!} to get-me-out-of-here crazed to leave. People who go to graduation ceremonies out of the goodness of their hearts are crazy saints! Alex’s girlfriend, Leanne, her mom and brother drove 90 minutes to sit through that thing. Blessings on them! The last person to walk across the stage was Alex’s roommate. Here again, I’d love to tell you we were there to cheer him on, but that would mean we didn’t leave early and head to the park to party.

What started as a blustery day developed into a lovely, breezy spring day. We arrived early in the morning and snagged a spot by the river at Coolidge Park. Seriously, it was perfect! I practiced my art of “letting go” by recognizing I just couldn’t do it all and be super mom and keep my day job {lol, although it’s kind of true} so I delegated the decorations to her. Not only did she babysit the party spot during graduation, but she came through with some lovely decorations, even though the breeze was not all that cooperative!

One thing I did want to do, but knew I just wouldn’t have time to sew myself was some fun UTC-colored bunting. I was blessed to find just the right thing on Etsy and I found just the spot for it!

We brought food for an army and had the most amazing Low Country Boil and ate like kings!

Grandparents, friends, mentors and family all made our celebration sweet. One of my dear friends who was present the day I gave birth to Alex lives in Chattanooga and came by to celebrate with us. I hadn’t seen her in years, and it was so fun to share another of life’s milestones with her.

I get teary just thinking of the wonderful people who have breathed life into our son. His mentors through Young Life have been especially impactful, and I’m kicking myself still for not being “that mom” and getting photos with them. I managed to do the ugly cry when I was thanking them for investing heart, mind and soul into his life.

I did, however, snag some photos with the family, since it’s easier to order them around ask them to pose. {For the record, Dale was wearing a suit, but changed in the parking lot before we could take pictures. He at least was reppin’ the university!}

Dale’s parents are lovely folks. Fortunately, they live close by and have been incredibly involved in our kids’ lives since day one. I hope to be half the grandparent they have been! My parents are gone, but I have a lovely couple who have been parents to me since college and sweet grandparents to our kids. I’m thankful the Lord blessed me with both of these sets of parents to journey through life with. They are sweet treasures.

McLean finished with exams just in time to swing by on her way home from the University of Alabama to share in the festivities.

What a fun celebration with family and friends. We couldn’t have asked for a better day!

The following week, Leanne graduated with a BS in Speech Pathology from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. She’s been accepted into the Speech Path Master’s program at UT, so she’ll be staying in Knoxville in the fall. Alex will be one of the Knoxville Fellows in August, so they’re both happy to be putting long-distance dating behind them!

Thanks for indulging me as I look back… but these treasured days are ones I want to be sure to remember. Because as we all know, it goes by so. dang. fast.

3 thoughts on “Life in the Review Mirror

  1. Congratulations! I look at the picture of your two kiddos and I flash forward just a handful of years, imagining what my kiddos will look like. It’s very exciting and somewhat sad at the same time.

    And what a blessing it must be to have had many of your loved ones present at the party.


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